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Create a presence. Create a recall value. For your product. Let your product be a super star. Do not loose your products in the crowd of million other products. Bring them on Covetlo, where they are coveted and become famous. Because they are worth it.

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Don't let your products disappear in the millions of products available online. Sell on Covetlo, India's only online destination for unique lifestyle & fashion products.

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How does Covetlo help you?

Covetlo is the missing social multiplier in shopping. One place to hang the wishlist.

It captures;

  • Fragmented digital footprint of the user research before shopping.
  • User’s explicit desire, expressed by coveting a product.
  • User’s social ecosystem, when a coveted product is also viewed by her like-minded social network

Covetlo offers larger visibility than large existing marketplaces.

Covetlo will help the smaller sellers create a brand by giving them a storefront with a logo.

Covetlo helps the stores by targeted marketing push to their products by showcasingproducts to only those user, who have been profiled by our machine learning algorithm, indicating a liking to your product suite.


The “Covetlo” button and widget helps the user covet/save a product and make a feed.


We are creating a community around discovery, sharing & shopping.

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More features to watch out for!

Quick Payment Cycle

For every successful order, we'll transfer your payment directly in your Covetlo wallet without any risk.

Instant Product Listing

Click images from your mobile or upload product images directly from Facebook or Instagram for quick listing.

Seller Tools

Track and analyse performance of your Covetlo shop with our seller tools and get access to our seller university to help grow your online business.